My Digital Pushpin

Another Pushpin is (hopefully) finally back up and running. Sometime during the Summer of 2010, what was once a modest and minimal travel blog documenting my last trip to Europe became a blog with only one Russian language post. It’s difficult to know whether it was due to “user error” or a legitimate hack attack, but regardless, since my Russian is still a little shaky, it meant I got to start over from scratch!

But after a few months of hard work, I’m back online – and with a new vision! Welcome to the new Another Pushpin – a site about “art, travel, and one girl’s quest to see the world one pushpin at a time.” I’ve ditched the old theme completely (goodbye, Neoclassical, I’ll miss your simplistic design!) in favor of a new more customizable design. I’ve also tried to envision what this site might become and built the site with capacity to grow.

Another Pushpin will still be (as it’s likely the sole reason any of my family will visit this site) a travel diary. My plans are to slowly put my trip logs back up here, beginning from the most recent. But I also want to explore travel writing, through both recollections on past trips and thoughts about future ones. I am also interested in blogging about the travel process – from the very beginning (a small thought or idea) to fruition (getting on that plane/bus/train!) to completion (the come-down) to the very end (what happens when you come back home?). I hope this is interesting to people other than myself.

I recently made the (kind of huge) decision to start planning a Round-the-World trip. The complete details behind why and how and when I made the decision are for another post (or perhaps series of posts). But, that was another factor that drove my redesign of Another Pushpin. I want this site to be able to be a place where I can be transparent about long-term planning of long-term travel (from beginning to end) and eventually a place where my trip logs and travel writing about that trip can go.

While the site is still in its toddler phase (I suppose the infancy was back when it was just a blank template), you can keep up with me on Twitter or Facebook. I’m there everyday!