Bucket List

The idea of a bucket list is certainly not new or novel. I borrowed this format from Jenny over at Where Is Jenny?!

Professional Goals

  1. Graduate from law school. (May 22, 2011)
  2. Sell a photo professionally.
  3. Get paid to write an article or post.

Things to Learn

  1. Become fluent in French.
  2. Become fluent in Russian.
  3. Learn Spanish.

Adventures to Have and Things to Do

  1. Climb Machu Picchu.
  2. Visit 25 States in the US

Places to See and Landmarks to See

  1. Colosseum (Rome, Italy)
  2. Stonehenge (Salisbury, England)
  3. Ben Ben (London, England)
  4. Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California, USA)
  5. Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia)
  6. Taj Mahal (Agra, India)
  7. Saint Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow, Russia)
  8. Gateway Arch (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
  9. Parthenon (Athens, Greece)
  10. Machu Picchu (Peru)
  11. Cristo Redentor (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  12. The Alamo Mission (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
  13. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
  14. Saint Peter’s Basilica (Vatican City, Italy)
  15. Moai Monoliths (Easter Island, Chile)
  16. Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA)
  17. Kuwait City Towers (Kuwait City, Kuwait)
  18. Suez Canal (Egypt)
  19. Eiffel Tower (Paris, France) (March 1999; July 2005)
  20. Old Faithful (Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA)
  21. Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
  22. Chichen Itza (Chichen Itza, Mexico)
  23. Pyramids of Giza (Giza, Egypt)
  24. Hoover Dam (Nevada, USA) (August 2006)
  25. Statue of Liberty (New York City, New York, USA) (April 2001)
  26. Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem, Israel)
  27. Petra (Petra, Jordan)
  28. Uluru (Australia)
  29. Diamond Head (Waikiki, Hawaii, USA)
  30. Itsukushima Torii (Itsukushima, Japan, USA)
  31. Leaning Tower of Pisa (Pisa, Italy)
  32. Washington Monument (Washington D.C., USA)
  33. White House (Washington D.C., USA)
  34. Neuschwanstein (Germany)
  35. Mount Rushmore (Rapid City, South Dakota, USA)
  36. Niagara Falls (Canada)

Cultural Celebrations and Sporting Events

  1. World Cup (2014?)
  2. Wimbledon
  3. US Open
  4. Roland Garros
  5. Australian Open
  6. Tour de France
  7. Summer Olympics
  8. Winter Olympics
  9. British Open (Golf)
  10. Naadam Festival (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
  11. Carnival (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)